Our mission is to provide the greatest variety of inorganic pigments, frits, and custom manufactured metal oxides of high and consistent quality to a global customer base.

Our History

Ceramic Color & Chemical Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a privately held family-owned business that traces its roots to nineteenth century Germany where the early founders were manufacturing pigment chemists. In 1929, the company relocated to Pittsburgh and incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. Ceramic Color & Chemical has a history of manufacturing metal oxides and pigments that spans over nine decades. It has supplied speciality, mixed-metal oxides for consumer products as well as refined and produced compounds for the Department of Defense. Our products are used globally by a wide customer base.

Industries Served
  • Traditional Ceramics
  • Technical Ceramics
  • Metallurgical Applications
  • Electrical Component Manufacturers
  • Coating and High-Temperature Paints
  • Cement and Mortars
  • Brick and Structural Ceramics
Environmental Statement

Environmental stewardship is a controlling factor in the development and upgrading of green manufacturing systems, which produce products that efficiently consume raw material resources and conserve natural energy. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the site ensures our non-emissive status. Our implementation of these principles conserves and protects the environment in which we live.